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We believe strongly in the importance and necessity of employee development, and so we facilitate workshops which cover a very wide variety of issues that equip employees to be more effective. 
 These include: Administrative Support , Supply Chain Management Problem Solving and Decision-making , Time & Priority Management,
Personal Branding Project Management , Negotiation Skills , Succession Planning for Businesses, Anger Management , Critical Thinking, Body Language Basics , Employee Recognition , Facilitation Skills, How To Develop New Managers, Knowledge Management , Managing Conflict (Conflict Resolution ) , Customer Service amongst others. We are committed to investing our time, energy and other resources in the personal, professional and social development of people through creative, practical and ethical strategies.

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In this short form, kindly share information with us, this will help us to design a training workshop specifically for you. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions. Info / 0245505330 

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1-2 days