Managing  Workplace Diversity

To succeed in our multicultural society, your organization must value the differences of our diverse population, respect the individuality of all population, respect the individuality of all employees and customers, and maintain current demographics and its businesses and anticipate tomorrow’s population. 

 Everyone in business today needs to better understand other cultures, as well as other age groups, gender groups and lifestyle groups. Handling diversity in the workplace will make you more aware of the ways we can offend others, help you recognize your blind spots, provide you with ways to avoid verbal, social and written mistakes. 
This course will make participants to:

  • Realize the importance of learning to accept and work with different caliber of people
  • Recognize the changing composition of the society 
  • Identify the factors of diversity
  • Recognize different personality styles and adjust to them
  •  Understand prejudice and where it comes from, and how it affects our work and life
  • Recognize and change possible offensive behavior
  • Project an attitude of caring for others
  • Create a plan for continued improvement 

Course Overview

What diversity really means, Factors that create diversity, Barriers to diversity, Our changing etiquette and Confronting prejudice and discrimination 

Who should attend?

CEO’s, Managers, HR Professionals, Team Leaders, Supervisors, All Employees


1-2 days