Emotional intelligence

To successfully develop your own emotional intelligence you must be willing to reflect on your own performance and behavior. This requires you to review situations with an objective, honest, and open mindset. Unless you are willing to ‘really’ see what you find, you will not be able to raise your EQ. Emotional intelligence is not about being nice all the time, It is about being honest. Emotional intelligence is not about being “touchy-feely, It is about being aware of your feelings, and those of others. Emotional intelligence is not about being emotional. It is about being smart with your emotions. Emotional intelligence will be an important key to leadership in the future. Participants will learn: 

  • How to examine their behavior honestly and objectively if they want to increase their own EQ
  • The four competencies that make up EQ are: Self-awareness, Self -management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management
  • The reflective cycle technique is a six-stage process that can help individuals to develop their EQ 

Course Overview

Self awareness, Self management, Social awareness, Relationship management, EQ, communication and coaching, Change, conflict and leadership 

Who should attend?

CEO’s, Managers, HR Professionals, Team Leaders, Supervisors


1-2 days