Event Planning

Events do not just happen, they take time to plan, develop, and create. This workshop is designed to give your participants the tools needed to host a great event. They will touch on planning and administrative techniques that will give them the confidence to run an engaging event that will leave a positive and lasting impression an each attendee. 
With our Event Planning course, participants will explore ways to work with vendors, security, technicians, and wait staff. They will touch on different event types such as awards ceremonies, charity events, and business conferences. By utilizing the correct skill set and planning, participants will be provided the details and concepts of what makes up a successful event.

Course Overview

Types of Events, Brainstorming, Types of Entertainment, Support Staff, Technical Staff, Vendors, Finalize the Plan, Administrative Tasks, Get Organized and Post Event Activities

Who should attend?

CEO’s, Managers, HR Professionals, Team Leaders, Supervisors, All Employees


1-2 days